The Big Messy* Art Book

*But Easy to Clean Up

The Big Messy* Art Book
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  Author: MaryAnn F. Kohl
ISBN: 9780876592069
Publisher: Gryphon House
Pages: 144,  © 2000
Item: 14925
Price: $14.95


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Bring the joy of creativity, the delight of imagination, and the thrill of an art adventure to young children! The Big Messy Art Book opens the door for children to experience art on a grander, more expressive scale. Paint a one-of-a-kind masterpiece from a swing, or try painting a hanging ball while it moves! Children will dive into these big experiences in creativity and remember them with enthusiasm and pride. Their minds and spirits are ready for the challenge. With The Big Messy Art Book, you are giving them the opportunity to go beyond the ordinary and into the amazing!


"Kids love a mess, especially an art mess. This book is a compilation of more than 100 clever ways children-preschool to eighth grade-can have fun with a variety of materials…Even the directions are fun."

Today's Librarian

""The Big Messy Art Book is developmentally appropriate for the early childhood years and organized for efficient use for the busy classroom teacher. But most of all -this is a FUN book!"

Dr. Clara Carroll, Director of Professional Field Services Harding University

"Budding artists will love sinking everything but their teeth into these wonderful 'think big' art experiences."

Kay Lou King Laguna Beach Library / Orange County Public Library

"The ideas in the Big Messy Art Book will inspire the creativity of any preschool teacher and recharge her classroom activities.

Cynthia Catlin, author and director, University Presbyterian Children's Center

"This book is literally filled with messy fun activities…The use of icons is a great way to let beginning teachers and caregivers know what to expect in the way of preparation, participation, caution and clean-up."

Laverne Nelson, University of Arkansas

""The Big Messy Art Book - this is an excellent book for process art - a must for every school! Emphasizes process, not product."

Margaret Collins, Director, River Road Preschool

"Wonderful, open-ended, creative activities that are easy to understand, organize and do. I use it with my student teachers as well as with experienced teachers."

Janie H. Humphries, EdD, University Distinguished Professor Louisiana Tech University

"If you are looking for a wealth of exciting art experiences for your children, check out Big Messy Art by Mary Ann Kohl. Kids will really have fun with projects such as Foot Sponge Painting, Water Balloon Splat, and Bubble Painting!

Audrey Wood, Smart Piggie's Newsletter

" Not your typical preschool art book, this book explores art on a grander scale with children using their entire bodies to create art and using unusual (and a tad messier, but easy to clean up) art supplies."

Karen Katherine,, October 9, 2008

MaryAnn F. Kohl

Award-winning author MaryAnn Kohl has written 14 books for Gryphon House. Her philosophy, “It’s the process, not the product,” guides her writing as she provides open-ended art activities for young children. MaryAnn’s activities focus on the experience of art, not the final product a child creates.

MaryAnn presents at workshops and keynotes around the country for teachers and librarians interested in teaching art with young children. She has appeared on various television shows, including Home Matters on the Discovery Channel, Take Part! (Canadian children's television) as the 'Mudworks lady', and was a featured guest on 1, 2, 3 Grow! (Health Network). MaryAnn was also a consultant for a children's activity television show produced by the Jim Henson Company (Odyssey Network). In addition, she consults for Fisher-Price, and works with SUNY-Albany as one of their expert guests for numerous educational video conferences. MaryAnn enjoys being a columnist for Family Fun magazine, and writes for numerous other magazines including Parenting, Cricket, Scholastic, Early Childhood News, and Daycaring. MaryAnn also writes books for her own publishing company, Bright Ring Publishing.

MaryAnn Kohl lives in Bellingham, Washington.


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