The Budding Builder

The Budding Builder
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  Editor: Laura Laxton
ISBN: 978-0-87659-381-3
Publisher: Gryphon House
Paperback   - Also available as an eBook
Pages: 64,  © 2012
Item: 10513
Price: $9.95


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Curious kids will be inspired by the endless possibilities of the fifty fun-filled building activities in The Budding Builder! With great ways for you and your child to take ideas from their limitless imaginations and to fashion them into reality, this book shows parents and kids how to create a fairytale cottage, make a marker organizer, carefully construct a toothpick sculpture, and build a bird feeder.

Perfect for kids ages three to six, this fun-filled introduction to architecture features easy-to-follow instructions and easy-to-find materials that will help your child develop many important life skills, from planning and estimating to counting and measuring. So enjoy the process, and be amazed at what you and your child can create together!

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